Reviews for Making Better Concrete

"This is the best and most readable 'how to' guide for using high fly ash concrete - highly recommended. Using HFA concrete is a win-win-win solution: it makes better concrete, costs less, and has a greater environmental benefit than almost any other primary building material out there."
- Scott Shell, Architect

"Finally, a book on HFA concrete written so we can all understand it. I will make this required reading by everyone in Tech Services, Operations and Sales."
- Burt Lockwood, Central Concrete Supply

"Making Better Concrete covers all the basics, beginning with a history of fly ash, and pozzolans, and descriptions of the common (and some not-so-common) materials with pozzolanic properties. King then explains how they work, how to specify them, and how to work with the resulting mix on the job site. The book wraps up with a summary of the performance and environmental benefits of using fly ash and a series of appendices conaining sample mixes and listings of useful resources. Best of all, the entire text has King's friendly, self-effacing, and humorous voice, which makes it as easy to read as anything this technical could be."
- Environmental Building News

"Who should read this book? Architects, building designers, builders, engineers, concrete suppliers and subcontractors, and anyone else who wants to use fly ash easily and effectively. If you use concrete in your work, Making Better Concrete is the book for you."
- The Last Straw

"This is a compact little book that should be required reading for all architects, engineers and buildders. Concrete made with some fly ash has very few down sides and many advantages over concrete made with only portland cement. As an architect, I see little reason to ever specify concrete without using some fly ash in every mix."
- review

"A super little book. Really helpful explanations on why fly ash makes for such good concrete, how it's eco-friendly and (gives) practical tips from the field on how to get the most from it. Highly recommend."
- review