BEScovershadowBuildings of Earth and Straw:
Structural Design for Rammed Earth and Straw Bale Architecture

Bruce King, 1996
ISBN 978-0964471818
Paperback 169 pages
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 Straw bale and rammed earth construction are enjoying a fantastic growth spurt in the United States and abroad. When interest turns into action, however, builders can encounter resistance from mainstream construction and lending communities unfamiliar with these materials. Buildings of Earth and Straw is written by structrual engineer Bruce King, and provides technical data from an engineer's perespective. Information includes:

  • Special construction requirements of earth and straw;
  • Design capabilities and limitations of these materials;
    Most importantly, the documentation of testing that building officials often require.

Bking2About the Author

A registered structural engineer for over 28 years, Bruce King has worked on high-rise structures in San Francisco, aircraft remodels in Miama, Tahitian resorts, Buddhist monastaries in the Colorado Rockies, passive solar designs all over the world, and hundreds of houses of every shape throughout North America. He has lectured and taught ecological building practices internationally, and serves as an advisor to numerous entities, including He is co-founder of Green Building Press and Ecological Building Network, and is the author of Buildings of Earth and Straw, Making Better Concrete and Design of Straw Bale Buildings. He lives with his family in San Rafael, CA.